Janet Gadallah

Janet Gadallah, an award winning tile artist, works full time as a clay artist. Nature has inspired her art for over 20 years. She translates what she sees in the natural world of the Northwest and her native Canada onto porcelain clay using bas relief, embossing, raised edges and simple pressing techniques. She uses leaves, rocks and other organic materials to create textures and add to her compositions. Janet uses a combination of raku and electric kilns to create her one of a kind mosaic style decorative mirrors, kitchen backsplashes and tile panels. Her durable, vitrified tiles can be used indoors or outdoors.

Janet has participated in many of the large art shows in the Northwest such as Bellevue Festival of the Arts (Bellevue), Wild Arts (Portland), and Best of the Northwest (Seattle). She believes that educating artists about business is very important. She has done this by serving on several boards, giving workshops, and creating businesses friendly to new artists. Janet joined the Northwest Arts Alliance board in 2014. She also served on the board of Artisan Tile Northwest, and co-owned Creative Minds Northwest LLC Artist Collective in Seattle.

Recently, Janet moved to Orcas Island in the northwest corner of Washington State. Her work has subtly changed as she integrates the island’s forest environment surrounded by water and populated with wildlife into her images—including the bear, one of her familiar totems. Janet has had numerous unusual experiences of bears relocating themselves near where she lives from San Diego to Orcas Island. For the first time in 100 years, a bear was spotted on the island six months after her move. The bear was relocated, but her familiar bear now shows up in her work.