Elena Balekha

Elena is a working artist painting in watercolor and in oil. Elena grew up in the Ukraine where art and music were a big part of her childhood. She moved to the US with her husband when she was 25.

Elena turned to art as therapy while recovering from surgery for a torn ACLthat she suffered after some serious skiing on the slopes at Whistler in 2009. Painting took her to a world of beauty and fantasy and helped her block the pain she was battling at the time. Watercolor, a dynamic, fun, and fascinating medium, is ideal for expressing light and eloquent beauty of a subject, and Elena loves letting it mingle on a wet paper and create unique blends and effects. Her goal is to evoke a feeling of beauty and joy about a scene by suggesting the appearance of an object rather than fully describing it. Elena loves painting outside as well as in her studio.

Her early successes in watercolor lead her to have her art published in Splash 13, Splash 17 books. She’s a signature member of Northwest Watercolor Society, associated member of Oil Painters of America, America Impressionist Society. Elena exhibits, competes, and shows her works in many exhibitions in Pacific Northwest as well as across United States.

She lives in Duvall with her husband Vladimir and their two German Shepherd dogs Roxy and Hexe.