Lynda Ransley

Lynda works in a range of media that includes resin, wood and metal, and enjoys “playing with color.” Her paintings capture abstract organic shapes using a combination of resin and other media, such as acrylic, colored mica, and alcohol ink. Her tables use a variety of wood, combined with clear or colored resin, glass and other components. Metal sculptures also reflect organic forms, often incorporating glass features.

Lynda and her family have been part-time Orcas residents 25+ years. She enjoys working outdoors whenever possible, inspired by the backdrop of the Salish Sea and surrounding mountains – one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Beyond the island's physical beauty, Lynda appreciates the spirit, talent, diversity and deep sense of community that is found on Orcas Island.

In her non-art, non-island time, Lynda manages a regional government program in King County. She also likes to “build stuff”...including the house she and her husband built (with help from friends) in the Diamond Hill neighborhood of Orcas.